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Have You Shopped Our Store!?

Since launching our new website early this fall we have added many new exciting features to better serve our customers. One key feature is our online store.

Our online store has 2 sections. The first is "Instant Order Items". In this section we offer up our top and most requested sellers. You are able to select the item you need and add all necessary components and accessories to the cart immediately! Free and Fast Shipping is available on all orders. Not only do we have all new inventory, we have refurbished items too! If you're looking for a budget friendly option, call us and ask about our current selection of used items. All our used inventory is tested and refurbished to the highest quality possible.

Instant Order Product Lines

The second section of our online store is the "Sales Quote" section. Because Mid-Co A/V represents so many brands we aren't able to offer them all for instant order. Instead of offering an overwhelming amount of options, we have a dedicated page for quotes. On this page you can click into each individual manufacturer's website to select the products you are interested in. By simply cutting and pasting the items into our Sales Quote Submission Form we can send you back an email with pricing and shipping information! Our pricing won't be beat! Send us a submission form or give us a call at 1-877-643-2628.

All Available Product Lines


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